empower network mentor robert probst with david wood and chris jones

empower network mentor robert probst with david wood and chris jones

The Epic Empower Network Event In San Diego

The location of the Empower Network September Convention was in the scenic city of San Diego.

The Empower Network leaders were preparing for a West Coast extravaganza…Over  3,000 Empower Network members attended the monumental event with over 90% of the audience already earning commissions in the program…

This event, where over 90% of the audience stood up to signify they already earned commissions, is truly remarkable…

There are not too many companies where over 15 Million in commissions are paid out to real people in less than 12 months since the company launch…

Throughout the Empower Network Event, David Wood and David Sharpe and all of the top 25 leaders in the Empower Network Affiliate contest shared their stories about the success we are all having with EN.

Every speaker demonstrated the fact that anyone can start making money with the empower network… Empower network has members that earn anywhere from $25 a month all the way to over $100K per month.( See Our Earnings Disclosure – Just because I (Robert Probst) am a Top 18 Earner in the Empower Network Sales Contest does not mean you will get the same results without hard work)

empower network san diego hilton bayfront hotel

The Empower Network San Diego Hilton Bayfront Hotel Was A Great Place To Stay During The Event

Affiliate after affiliate came onto the stage to talk about their different stories after how they were able to overcome struggles to finally start making money online without having to make cold calls, no phone prospecting and no selling.

The stage was set. The show was about to begin. Many members were guests at the beautiful Hilton San Diego Bay Front Hotel. The theme”Fight the Forces of Evil” was depicted on countless t-shirts.

Did you miss it? Over the weekend of September 21st through the 23rd over 3,000 + empower network members gathered at the San Diego Convention Center for an EPIC, mind-blowing event that transported us all to a new mindset and a place where anything was possible…

Droves of Empower Network Affiliates literally took over the Gas Lamp District in downtown San Diego.

Empower network members were meeting with team leaders in nearby hotels and the whole area was filled with excitement. It was a great event where like minded entrepreneurs were sharing success stories of transformation.

empower network san diego event

The Empower Network Event Was Held In San Diego Convention Center And Empower Network Members Stayed At the Luxurious Hilton Bayfront Hotel

This prestigious event was held at the San Diego Convention Center. Riding a rickshaw around 5th Ave in the Gas Lamp District, it was funny how dozens of Empower Network members were being asked what the V for Vendetta masks were for… ?

Here’s what happened…

Many locals and tourists were asking why so many empower network members were walking around with their masks on top of their heads… People were curious what all these excited and obviously successful people were doing there and exactly what was going on?

Those that attended the Empower Network “Fight The Forces Of Evil Event” KNOW what the Anonymous masks stand for.

San Diego Event Message #1 – Be Certain Of Your Own Potential – You CAN Succeed!

There is a feeling of certainty and peace when you have a group of over 3000 people sharing empowering stories of exactly how they took action and found success with Empower Network…

Members like Justin V who earned over 29K in Sept without ever picking up a telephone…

Members like Tony Rush that use videos and email auto-responders to earn over 50K a month with no selling or phone calls… Empower Network members like myself … Robert Probst who earned over 25K in the last 3 months during the Empower Network Affiliate Contest. See The Empower Network Earnings Disclosure

The Empower Network affiliate contest was held from June 10 thru Sept 19th 2012. Over 35K in CASH plus prizes like iPads, macbooks and iPods were given away on stage to the top empower network affiliate contest winners…

These uplifting stories were from real people that spoke of their success with Empower Network at the event… And they made everyone realize that success is truly closer than many think… in fact it is available to all of us…

empower network san diego event convention center

The Empower Network Event Was Held At the San Diego Convention Center

It was amazing to see so many people in agreement… of one accord…

The masks signify the right we all have to stand up and make our lives better… to stand for something to enact CHANGE instead of settling for anything…

The truth is we ALL can succeed online if we are willing to do what it takes to set up an online business the correct way… with automation… basically treating our endeavors to make money online for what they are…. a business…

You really had to be there to see thousands of Empower Network members… Literally 3 thousand people… wearing the same guy fawkes masks and all sharing their success stories.

When asked WHO had earned commissions with the Empower Network Blogging system, literally 95% of the room stood up…

It was a very positive and inspiring event. What was most intriguing was the fact that so many average, normal people were finding success with this inexpensive $25 program…

Something magical happens when you go to events. You hear from the top 25 earners in the Empower Network and have and opportunity to get a glimpse of what their actual daily marketing strategies are…

gail marlene empower network san diego event with Chris pickering Empower Success Team Support Mgr.

Gail Marlene Empower Network San Diego Event With Chris Pickering Empower Success Team Support Mgr.

We also heard from many successful members in the top 150 in the Empower Network.

Just having the opportunity to meet those that are generating leads and making tens of thousands a month was inspiring…

But we also had the opportunity to meet these successful entrepreneurs after they shared their stories.

We got to see that these people were real and had the same challenges when they started.

We got to meet potential Joint venture partners. The Empower Network Leaders encourage all of the members to find an accountability partner in their business to help everyone to take massive action on a daily basis…

By attending the Empower Network Live Events serious entrepreneurs receive something valuable…. they receive insights into what real people are doing to live the life of their dreams…

And that is something that those who don’t attend never receive. It’s difficult to convey the power that everyone felt after hearing dozens of real stories from successful people that are just like you and me…

We all noticed that these top Empower Network Earners never miss an event.

Top earners all attend the Empower Network events. At this event the top 25 earners in the Empower Network Affiliate Contest were sitting on white leather sofas at the front of the giant convention hall…

How big was the Empower Network event in San Diego?

Think about this… The Empower Network rented the LARGEST … venue in San Diego for their event…

And the Empower Network set up room blocks for thousands of members at the most exclusive Bayfront hotels like the Hilton Bayfront Hotel San Diego.

San Diego Empower Network Event Message #2 – Set Your Intention – The Empower Network Success Plan.

The Empower Network Leaders all stated the same message that resonated with the audience…

Set Your Intention in Life…

Decide if you want to success to truly go for it… and hold nothing back… Make a decision to succeed or die trying… Never settle for less than you deserve in life…

If you want to be a top earner in this business you just need to state your intentions. At the Empower Network event they played a self-produced video from an Empower Network member that had attended the last Empower network event in Atlanta, GA…

Niamh Arthur empower network leader brought in over 100 people into empower network

Niamh Arthur empower network leader brought in over 100 people into empower network

We all were stunned as Niamh Arthur talked about her income goals in her video (which she filmed months earlier right after the last empower network event)

Niamh stated with certainty that she would definitely walk on stage at the next empower network event in San Diego as a LEADER…

Niamh Arthur clearly stated her intentions in her video, which was played for us all to see at the empower network event….

And then Niamh got up from the white leather sofas in the front of the auditorium and walked on stage

Niamh Arthur is the inspirational leader that used to work at Starbucks… and now lives in Ireland earning 3 times her former income….

She reached the goal she set in her video… to be on stage in the top earners at the next empower network event!

So if you were at the San Diego Event have you made your intentions for the next event? What income goals are you shooting for and how many people are you bringing to the next empower network event?

My goal is to earn 20k a month and bring at least 20 people to the “Release Your Inner Bad*** Event in Dallas TX!

I also want to be in the top 25 earners so I can sit down on those comfortable white leather sofas!

empower network san diego event robert probst top leader with gail marlene

From The Empower Network San Diego Event – Robert Probst Top Empower Network Success Team Leader With Gail Marlene (Me)

San Diego Empower Network Event Message 3 – Empower Others With Your Story

The top 25 leaders in the Empower Network shared their success stories from the stage and between breaks in the lobby of the San Diego convention Center…

What is your story? Believe it or not, your story will relate to certain people. In fact, your story can help hundreds of people out there who are in your same situation…

You CAN help others that are out there looking for a way to improve their lives…. Show them that there truly is something out there for them…

There was an individual that thought about committing suicide but because of what he heard in the inner circle something resonated with him and he decided not to do it.

Such a powerful story.

There were hundreds of stories out there. Make sure to share them. Just because you aren’t making tons of money doesn’t mean you can’t share you story. Sharing your story makes you authentic!

empower network see your future

empower network san diego event

San Diego Empower Network Message # 4 – Increase Your Belief

If what you aren’t doing isn’t working then change it.

Learn to make money online at the highest level possible.

Don’t sell yourself short on anything you do in life.

If you want your team to produce like crazy then learn to lead by example.

Work smarter not harder. Learn to leverage your time. And lead your team by showing them you are in this game to run and not watch others.

San Diego Empower Network Event Message # 5 – Top Earners Are REAL People

Some may argue that the top 25 contest winner at the Empower Network San Diego event (like my sponsor Robert Probst ) … are aliens from another planet

We all noticed people out there were treating the leaders like they were superhuman. Now it may seem like they do super natural things but they are all normal people.

They all started out as beginners but they kept at it and didn’t stop. They were willing to do what it takes to share their message with others and connect with people in their business.

They didn’t let anything stop them from getting to where they wanted to go.

When you put the leaders on a pedestal you make it seem to yourself that they did something unattainable that you can’t reach what they did. They talked about this on stage that you must think of leaders as your equals. Know that you can reach their level of success in life. Respect what they did but know you to can achieve it too…

The Empower Network event truly was inspiring because we all learned to think of ourselves as leaders…It’s simple … Envision what you want… See your self as already rich…

This kind of positive vision board mindset training is what creates breakthroughs … because we all are better than we give ourselves credit for…

Attendees could purchase empower network t-shirts in the lobby of the expansive San Diego Convention Center. The convention center was located across the street from the San Diego Hilton Hotel.

get your own empower network fight the forces of evil t-shirt

get your own empower network fight the forces of evil t-shirt

During registration, attendees were able to purchase t-shirts in shades of black or white.

The attendees were issued a blue (member) or red (top 150 member) lanyard depending on their status with the company.

Equipped with the lanyard, attendees were able to enter the convention center effortlessly.

At 7 PM, on Friday the 21st in the main hall of the convention center, the Empower Network leadership formally welcomed its members.

An estimated 3,000 tickets were sold for this grand event. Each chair held a personalized notepad and a ball point pen. An unexpected surprise- attendees located a mask beneath each seat.

san diego empower network anonymous vendetta masks

Empower Network Members Psychologically Broke Thru Barriers And made Their Intentions Real in San Diego – Make A Decision To Change And Be Successful Online

Giant monitors strategically placed throughout the venue enhanced visibility of the stage for attendees seated toward the rear of the auditorium.

An electrifying sense of excitement surged throughout the auditorium.

An upbeat tempo was played as attendees found their seats. The founding leaders entered the stage to a crescendo of applause.

Saturday 22 September 2012 – Scores of attendees could be observed wearing either white or black “Fight the Forces of Evil” t-shirts.

Members were praised and recognized whether they earned $25 a month or as high as $50,000 a month. During a subsequent session, the staff was introduced and shared a brief description of their specific duties within the Empower Network Company.

The company leaders, David Wood and David Sharpe presented various members with extremely generous bonus checks and cash awards. A new product was unveiled and offered to members.

Use of this new marketing tool will give ‘all in’ members even more advantages monetarily.

empower network event in san diego leaders meeting

Ashley (David Woods Wife) Gail Marlene (Me) and Robert Probst ( Top 18 Empower Contest Winner and My Sponsor) – Robert got me into the top 150 leaders meeting where i got to meet all of the most successful people in Empower Network!

The evening concluded with the Empower Network After Party. A live DJ and open cash bar were provided so that everyone was dancing and having a great time.

Sunday’s session 4 bought the Empower Network San Diego convention to a resounding close. We all were transformed and many were already making plans for the January 2013 convention.

To learn more about the Empower Network and how you can set your own intention and live the life of your dreams click on any of the banners on my blog…

Watch the empower network video that has earned our members over 15 Million!

Or just go the Empower Network Join Page

And Signup for only $25!

Rich people see things they want before they happen…

Set your intention…

Make it happen!

You can create the life of your dreams…


To the Top!

Robert Probst

See our Income Disclosure for the Empower Network.

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